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On my travels people sometimes ask me which web site do you use, which service do you book hotels with, which airlines do you take?


There are hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotels. And you know what they are competing against each other. Why do you have to pay 50% priemium margin when you can find 5%. Yes you can buy 10 hour flights for under $400 and you can stay in 3*** hotels for under $20 per night?

There are cool website that make you choose and decide which one you take. And believe me there is nothing wrong with getting the best bargain? Otherwise the plane would leave with the empty seat, otherwise the hotel would have empty room during the night. So why don't we pay them costs only?

On my way to travel I mostly review tripadvisor, wikipedia, travelbloggers for hotel reservetions and skycanner or momondo for flights. Deals are everywhere.

I collected some of the useful stuff for traveling. These are just links, see for yourself.

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