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On my travels people sometimes ask me which web site do you use, which service do you book hotels with, which airlines do you take?

Earn and Travel 14 September 2016

My story

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for coming in and checking out my blog. I am Alex and I will be your home shuffler guide. Ever heard of home shuffling? No??? Well, every time you travel you shuffle your homes. Some for days, some for weeks, months and some wander around like vagabonds, nomads for years. Personally I got bit tired from all the super blogs about super adventures, jumping from the cliffs, catching a snake or crocodile with bare hands or entering active volcano. I asked myself, can somebody just post honest normal traveling tips, cheap or at least affordable home stays, which services to use? Is it airbnb or homeexchange or can we just use fly anywhere we want?

Food Matters 14 August 2016

Breakfast muffins

Everybody loves muffins. Can you make them? Is it hard? Not at all. You no longer need to go to Starbucks to get some. Spare some few minutes and you have them ready and hot. And tasty. And healthy too.

Food Matters 01 August 2016

Blueberry cake

I just returned from the mountain. The blueberry season is here so why not to make some great and healthy cakes out of it? Do you pick fruits when you go to the woods?



Rozhodnúť sa ísť na triatlon vyžaduje poriadne gule, znížený pud sebazáchovy a trochu psychickej podpory od kolegov a rodiny, že to nedáš a umrieš pri tom.

Food Matters 27 February 2016

Bread from the oat bran

Yesterday, my colleague Katarina gave me good recipe for oat bran bread which I immediately tried and would like to share with you.

Food Matters 24 November 2014

Pumpkin soup

Not only for Halloween weekend but actually good for all year long. I am getting hungry just by looking at it. And the recipe is quite easy to follow so anybody who is on the rush or traveling can grab few pumpkins, potatos and you are almost done.

Food Matters 18 November 2014

Spelt pasta with tomato paste and tuna

Today I was inpsired by bodybuilder Jakub Vilímek and I cooked with him spelled pasta with tuna and tomato paste, but with little variation. Whole grain spelled pasta are a source of vegetable protein and having a high fiber content. You should definitely try to taste it and include it into your weekly menu.

Food Matters 10 November 2014

Pasta with cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese

Simple and tasty recipe. Are you not into cooking half day? Are you constantly on the run, or traveling? Got something for you if you are into Italian cuisine and pasta. How about Pasta with cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese. Try this at home.

Africa 15 March 2015

7 ways to climb Kilimanjaro

Who would like to go to safari? I mean the real one like we see in the movies. Even the best Zoos don't match, outside -5C, so it's best time to pack the things and live your first safari. But wait there is this big mountain with the white cap nearby so why not making few stops over there. And you know what let's just go to Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa with 5895m (19350 ft).


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