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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for coming in and checking out my blog. I am Alex and I will be your home shuffler guide. Ever heard of home shuffling? No??? Well, every time you travel you shuffle your homes. Some for days, some for weeks, months and some wander around like vagabonds, nomads for years. Personally I got bit tired from all the super blogs about super adventures, jumping from the cliffs, catching a snake or crocodile with bare hands or entering active volcano. I asked myself, can somebody just post honest normal traveling tips, cheap or at least affordable home stays, which services to use? Is it airbnb or homeexchange or can we just use fly anywhere we want?


I got bit tired from all the super blogs about super adventures, jumping from the cliffs, catching a snake or crocodile with bare hands or entering active volcano.

I am not an adventurer, I am not a solo traveler, I am just a regular guy with three kids. Three girls. Victoria 14, Vanesa 11 and Valentina 8. Their daily routine with school and tennis trainings is exhausting but you know what keeps me kicking? The idea of seeing places. The idea of visiting new countries, new lands, new opportunities. Who said you cannot travel when you have kids? I mean when you also take care of them and provide necessary funds and fun. You can always travel. You can travel as family, you can travel as solo, a backpacking couple (there is always somobody near you who can take care of your kids for 1-2 weeks) or doing entire home exchange thing which doesn't cost you a dime. Today there are so many opportunities that not to travel is just an excuse how to go to local bar or how to watch soap opera. So get out there and explore. 

These are the countries I visited so far.

★ Africa

  • Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Tunisia

★ Asia

  • China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Turkey

★ Europe

  • Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Island, Italy, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Kosovo, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Vatican

★ North America

  • United States (California, Arizona, Utah, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Florida, New Jersey, Hawaii), Mexico

★ South and Latin America

  • Peru, Cuba, Dominican Republic

★ Oceania

  • Not yet

★ Antarctica

  • On the bucket list

How many countries I have been to. Visited Countries Map Maker
Visited 38 UN countries (19.6%) out of 193.
Make your own visited countries map.

My recent travels

This year was pretty busy when I consider traveling. Home Exchange in Los Angeles during August was a great selection. We stayed at wonderful place called Thousand Oaks near Malibu and visited all the city fun we could. Who said large cities are not to be visited when doing globetrottering, that you need to go to the woods and jungle only? I tell you something, when you are stuck in the traffic in 6 lanes highway for 3 hours, you indeed think of your home but you love it becuse you just spent a day in Six Flag Magic Mountains the BIG roller coaster park.

Visiting our family in Fresno is always a pleasure. Wherever you go, don't forget to keep the family bonds tight. Just before that, in March we got to Greece and saw Athens and south of Greece. What a wonderful place full of history. Socrates, Aristotle, Sparta, Marathon or UNESCO sites, the birth of Democracy, if anything. What about climbing the Austrian Alps or seeing Month Blanc from the small French village Chamonix? Been there, done that. Curious about the most advanced cars, why don't you stop by at Geneva World Auto Show in February - one of the largest auto expos in the world. In November hand got hand and I ended up in India - Delhi and Mumbai. This was business trip but what the heck, you see things too. Even if you are the busiest person on Earth, there is no excuse not to travel.

Join homeshuffler

Tired of traveling? No, we are just warming up. Iceland, Kilimanjaro, Cote De Azur South of France, Maccu Picchu in Peru or Great Wall in China? And I told you, I don't consider myself as traveler, nor backpacker, nor nomad, nor adventurer or professional photographer. Nothing like that. I am just a normal person who lives his dream and dream his life. And who knows perhaps our paths will cross someday as you read these lines.



You can do it to!

How I got into the travel blog and the name Home Shuffler? Well as mentioned, I love home exchange. We have done dozens of them. I constantly go to the homeexchange.com website and checkout the new opportunities. What is great, we keep receiving tens of request per month for exchange. Just recently cannot decide between Ireland and Romania, I guess it will be Romania - Transylvania, the land of Count Dracula. To be honest, I don't do ONLY homeexchange of course you can travel on your own, as a couple or as a family. There are cheap ways how to do it. All you need is bit of English (for non natives) and couple hundred bucks to cover the flights and stay. If you don't need the luxury Sheratons, but are ok with middle class 3 * hotels, I can surely recommend some.

This is the motto of the Home Shuffler: I am shuffling shuffling, home shuffling and traveling and bringing you latest adventure when you change homes. The world is yours.

And Where I go next?

Well thnigs always develop without your participation, at least this is how I feel. For example just now I got accepted for Tokyo Marathon in February 2017. I would have never thought. Yes, it is true that some 2 months ago I enrolled just for fun. I knew there is no chance to get accepted. There are more than 320,000 lottery tickets participants and only around 30,000 get it. So what is the chance? 10%. And guess what I got it. So Tokyo here we come. Speaking about Marathons one is coming up soon in Athens Novemember 2013 and Paris in April. I just love to run. And you know what is best? I have never done a marathon yet. (I will provide update here after I finish my first in November). But I do train and I do run. I am able to run during practice around half marathon and more. So why not trying the full big guy. I will definitely not run for the best times. My idea is to finish. Just like when I finished the Spartan Race. Being in the Trifecta club is great feeling. What else, ehm, India is on the list and China along with Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau. SO let's see where I get some cool pictures, videos or simply stories to tell. I am am prety sure I will be sharing them here.

-- Alex -- aka the Home Shuffler.

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