Healthy Life Hacks

Sugar, servant and also a killer

Sugar is everywhere even the places you wouldn't think of. Therefore it is important that you understand carborhydrates (carbs), which forms it has and follow the simple rules in your nutrition. You don't want to travel the world and eat sugar everywhere, do you?


10 foods which burn calories

Do you know that you can eat healthy and burn fats too? There are many foods which just by eating burn calories and we lose weight. Good news is, these foods are actually tasty and are great for your health. Try to add them to your daily or weekly menu and don't forget to excercise. With this method you can burn a lot more calories and improve your health. I have prepared 10 foods for you which burn calories for you.


Focusing on blood pressure

When you talk about good physical condition and strong heart, important is to remember that not only number of series and repeats count but also other numbers - especially those which influence the blood pressure. When was the last time your blood pressure was taken? Honestly.


32 tips what to do next year

Good health, great form - these are my 32 life hacks for the next year. Actually they are applicable for every year. And they are reachable, all you need is to decide which one to take first. It's great to travel all year long, but sometimes you stay back at home and think what to do next. What have I not done yet. Where is my bucket list?


Walk and your body will thank you

Men and women gain weight in their productive age because they don't move enough. They have very little time to conduct this activity due to their busy schedules, family, work and do not exercise at all. The studies show that for healthy weight and sickness prevention such as diabetes is best regular walk. Women and men with sitting jobs should focus on getting outside and just walk.


Health starts inside

When you look at the muscles more closely, our organs (kidney, hearth, brain, liver, lungs) they have to work hard so that all body is working. Thanks to all team-work of internal organs our body is capable of managing difficult everyday tasks. And once you are focuing on your physical condition you should not forget these important parts to be in great shape


New dimension of climbing

Sport is evolving like every other part of your life. The climbing was once exclusive only to adrenaline junkies, adventurers or rock lovers. They could climb only outside on the large rocks with various difficulty level, many times taveling far distances. Nowadays this extreme sport moved from the nature to the city arenas, artificial climbing walls are now accessible to vast majority of people. Have you tried it?


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