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Earn and Travel 14 September 2016

My story

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for coming in and checking out my blog. I am Alex and I will be your home shuffler guide. Ever heard of home shuffling? No??? Well, every time you travel you shuffle your homes. Some for days, some for weeks, months and some wander around like vagabonds, nomads for years. Personally I got bit tired from all the super blogs about super adventures, jumping from the cliffs, catching a snake or crocodile with bare hands or entering active volcano. I asked myself, can somebody just post honest normal traveling tips, cheap or at least affordable home stays, which services to use? Is it airbnb or homeexchange or can we just use fly anywhere we want?


About me

The Home Shuffler is a new Travel Blog about people who travel and exchange homes. I have been exchanging homes for almost 8 years now and can share a lot. Each time you live somewhere as local, you shuffle your home for a while. So you too can become Home Shuffler. Find traveling tips, inspirations or ideas how to save money while traveling. --Alex Horvath--


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