Shuffle the Home with Me

Go outside of your comfort zone, leave your home for a moment and explore the world.

All you need is initial kick, maybe a blog, a friend or home exchange offer. You remember that feeling. Shall we?

Visit Places you always wanted

Don't wait, because life is too short to be waiting. Which is your dream destination?

Travel with me as regular person. I am not rich, I am not adventurer, I am not nomad. Just a regular guy.

Get cool tips on your travel

I will tell you honestly how it is, not how you read it on great travel agency websites.

Step outside and explore the details in the countries, big places but also small places you wouldn't visit normally.

Interviews with cool people

Sometimes an interview with local can give you better idea then entire Lonely Planet.

I will be bringing you interviews with other travelers like me. Backpackers, family guys or professional bloggers.

Join me on every social media

Home Shuffler is on every social media out there. These are my legs in Cuba ;-)

Do you like Instagram or Pinterest better, Facebook or Snapchat, Twitter? Contact me, share your story.


If I can travel, you can travel too. Get latest tips and tricks and save money.


Are you into the blogging? I will share my personal opinions on how to start.


Water + Healthy Food + Exercise + Sleep + Clear Mind + Fun = You"ll be just fine.


Life is too short to be sitting around and watching soap opera. Get out and explore.

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About me

The Home Shuffler is a new Travel Blog about people who travel and exchange homes. I have been exchanging homes for almost 8 years now and can share a lot. Each time you live somewhere as local, you shuffle your home for a while. So you too can become Home Shuffler. Find traveling tips, inspirations or ideas how to save money while traveling. --Alex Horvath--


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